We supply the following products:


Landscape Grade Compost

  • Screened to 10mm
  • Ideal for raised vegetable plots, flower boarders.
  • Can be planted into directly or mixed with your topsoil.
  • PAS100 quality protocol
  •  Available in bulk, dumpy bags, 60 litre bags
  • Delivery available on request


  • 80% quality topsoil blended with 20% landscape grade compost
  • Screened to 10mm
  • Recommended for seeding lawns, laying turf
  • Available in bulk and dumpy bags
  • Delivery available on request


  • Seasoned mix of hard and softwood logs, cut and split
  • Perfect for log burners
  •  Available in bags or bulk
  • Delivery available on request

Agricultural grade compost (screened to 20mm)

  • Available on request.