The Publicly Available Specification 100 (BSI PAS100) was prepared and published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and built on the previous 'Standards for Compost' scheme.

It improves confidence in composted materials among end-users, specifiers and blenders, and helps producers differentiate products that are safe, reliable and of high performance.

BSI PAS100 Quality Protocol (QP) is the specification that composted materials must meet in order to achieve the independently verified Compost Certification Scheme.

PAS100 QP provides strict requirements to make sure that, among others, green wastes is processed in a controlled way. For example, that the materials being composted are passed through an effective sanitisation stage. These requirements mean that users of compost certified against the Compost Certification Scheme can be assured that they are safe to use.

Newbourne Farm Composting Ltd products are fully BSI PAS100 QP certified and re-tested.